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Welcome back ! Here we'll give you some more impressions of the Florennes AFB 70 celebration.
OV-10 Bronco
Belgian F-16 in Tigerlooks
Geilenkirchens AWACS static...
... and flying it's demonstration
The Dutch KDC-10 
Standing in the wind and rain on line, to have a look inside such a hughe AWACS
 The Norwegians brought a dual-seat F-16
What to think about this massive Greek F-16 ?
The Swiss F/A-18 Hornets
The escorting Swiss prop-jet
Turkish F-16 'SoloTurk'
Dutch F-16 demonstrator
The 100.000 Hrs Belgian Agusta A-109
A flying Hunter, so nice...
... all maintained properly by the Dutch Hunter Association
Slovan MIG-29 Fulcrum taxies to the runway to start it's show...
Austrian PC-7
Swiss PC-7 demo-team
Always a pleasure to see them act, see further....
One of the three aeroplane hero's of World War-II : Supermarine Spitfire
Some badges around...
No, not a virus, but a Trojan (and no, not a horse...)
It's always so good to see these old war-birds...
P-51 Mustang...
Texan Harvard...
But ofcourse also this Epsilon team ! Cartouche Dore de France.
Once again the Sea-King...
This 'grandpa'of aviation will be replaced soon by the NH-90.
The Polish Sukhoi SU-22 Fitter
A surprise when using the break-chute
Patrouille de France demo-team in Alpha Jets
As also the Belgian AF Alpha Jets
The Baltic Bees
TF-51D Mustang from North American
Official badge, and the break of the Patrouille de France. (Thanks again Bart Rochelle)
The Poliish Fitter houles over the field
A team of four Marchetti SF-260 training aircraft presented themselves, they adopted the name  ‘Red Devils’
Slovak MIG-29 Fulcrum lands after his show
An extraordinary team: The Swiss PC-7 with their 'Big Brother'the F/A-18 Hornet.
Diamond formation
Trojan (other version)
Fantastic to see this AWACS giant fly right at you !
Children in seriuos business....  and...  what's the exact price of all these camera's ??  (Credits & Thanks Bart Rossellle!)
This re-enactor waits for the Scramble to mount his Spitfire and fight Messerschmidt's :-) he's just 68 years too late !
As this courier is, on his complete original military motorbike ! How nice to see. 
Back to 2012, the saturday that the weather did cooperate. (Picture Bart Rosselle)
Here below a list from the internet, which are (most of) the participants.

Thanks to all, Bart, Peter, all involved in the organisation ! Dutch Aviation Support.i

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