AVIOCAR C-212 IN IMAGES         


Dutch Aviation Support 2011

Quatro Vientos - Madrid
We show you a few images from Quatro Vientos by this smaal contribution of Fuerza Aerea
Here on taxiway and platform a C212-200...
...C212-200, working for INTA, Institute National Technical Aerospace
Badge, and colors of the national flag on the tails of the Aviocars
A view on platform and hangar of 403 Sqn...
... Some examples of 803 Sqn...
... The Aviocar is a 'no stop  workhorse', with a very large hatch on the back.
From these sunny shots we say goodbye...
... and fly to the next story. Thanks for your interest.
There is no specific story written on the C-212, the visit was part of a larger project. For more information about specific
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