Special thanks to the Royal Netherlands Air Force for having us and flying us !
'FUERZA AEREA' published our article: KDC-10 Tanker Concept 
A proven and strong special concept
The aircraft is a combination of tanker, cargo and passengers plane
The German Phantom was pictures just after refuelling, waving a 'goodbye' 
Dutch Aviation Support flew the KDC-10 during a refuelling flight and also to Kandahar Afghanistan
Textures Kees Otten, pictures Koos Heemskerk & Wim Das
Please be our guest, scroll down, enjoy our photographic impressions
Example of refuelling a Dutch F-16 from Leeuwarden AFB
Before any flight, all systems have to be checked over and over...
... from the Cockpit up to the last briefings before flight
 Different from other systems the 'boomer' operates 'three dimensional' with various screens
RARO's room is right behind the cockpit, so not in the tail of the plane. Read it in the article.
Left corner you see the RARO camera's, right a detail of them
 The KDC-10 Cockpit, not the latest generation avionics but very effective and easy to handle
Left details of the cockpit, right the board-mechanics place.
Don't misunderstand, the plane is h-u-g-h-e... !
Koos Heemskerk pictured this refuelled Phantom flying next to the KDC-10
 Left: Boomers screen detail, right: Cockpit details
Boom in.....                                                         Boom out
All inns- and outs were explained by the Captain who wants to stay unknown for tactical reasons
 And my oh my what a dedicated storyteller he is !! Outside and inside his 'office' !
 The Cargo / Passengers / Tanker concept makes the KDC-10 very valuable in so many situations
The large cargo floor can be filled up in moments with sophisticated platform lifts
Also all outside antenna's and sensors need to have their maintainance
Extra wheels under the fuselage (left), boom and nipple details shown
Containers can be rolled into theplanes belly easily due to flexible wheels in the cargo floor
 It's exeptional to be here on this platform so close to the action !
Wheels - wheels - wheels ... The fundament of this large and heavy plane.
This picture shows the extra set of wheels under the fuselage (rear) to carry the heavy loads
KDC-10 hanging in front of the runway of Eindhoven Airforce base
For a succesful refuelling flight with a C-17 Globemaster, the KDC-10 flies steady as she goes
Standing quite next to the runway this plane is an amazing experience
KDC-10 was showing out on an 'Open Day'
All planes like KDC-10 and Hercules have their own name and history, this one is the 'Prins Bernhard'
Tower of Eindhoven, which is also a civil airfield
KDC-10 in front of passengers and cargo halls
Eindhoven Airbase - sunny platform
Between some details, words of thanks to the Captain, Eric and all who helped us along !
Middle: Dutch Aviation team in lively interview - L&R: Special Thanks to Wendy for guiding us !
A few badges
  KDC-10 in full flight
Airforce base Eindhoven, the largest RNLAF plane KDC-10 taxies to the runway
Another mission to who knows where, in service of freedom and justice.
We wish all crews of the KDC-10's safe flights and many happy landings !!
Special thanks to RNLAF and Major Harry van den Dries !!
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