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Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2012

The leading independent Dutch aviation magazine 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' describes the F/A-18 Hornet
The Boeing F/A18 hornet is a plane that captures the imagination by it's so called wing leading edge extensions
This feature provides the ability to the Hornet to attack from a high angle
Actually the Hornet was developed by Mc.Donnell Douglas, which became part of Boeing later on.
The Hornet has foldable wings which enables the Swiss the possibility of parking in the 'cavernen' in the mountains 
The Hornet has a strong defending capability, therefor 24/7 stand-by near the airspace of Madrid Spain (Torrejon)
Above you see the single-seater, above that the twin-seat version
Nice to see pictures: Hornets operational at Gando Airforcebase at Gran Canaria Spain.
Hornets operated in the exercise 'DACT' (Dissimilar Air Combat Training) See another 5 images around Gando below:
In the USA a Super-Hornet is in use (Marines) in Europe the Hornet is used in Switzerland, Spain and Finland.
In Spain you can find the Hornet on several places such as Torrejon, 24/7 operational stand by to defend Madrid 
...Gando Gran Canaria...
...some pictures on the Torrejon platform...
... where the Hornets reside in large numbers.
Detail of the twin-seat cockpit.
Switzerland is a greatful country to make Hornet pictures ! See the five images that follow below:
So far the Swiss...
... and we close our impressions with some Hornets from Finland...
These examples participated in the Dutch exercise 'Frysian Flag' in 2012.
Thanks for your attention for the Hornet F/A-18 !
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