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Dear visitor, Let us take you through the article and impressions of ITALIAN BLADE 2015 - VITERBO - ITALIAN ARMY AVIATION
We'll show you various aspects of this exercise, published in a variety of European leading aviation magazines.

1-  First of all: A few impressions of the opening and start of Italian BladeI

Speeches, explanations, words of welcome, also transmitting of commands. Viterbo Italy. 
Official start of the exercise. (credits this picture above: Irene Pantaleoni)
Attention to all ranks was given, every single participant knew he or she would be responsable for the outcome of this major organization.
In a large hangar there were several 'offices' for the various departments and participating countries
Our PR-woman, hostess, help, interviews, regulator and planner. Carla, you were a great help to us ! Thank you again ! 
The flags are waving, time for action !

2-  Early morning platform impressions - start-up I

Early in the morning the first interviews start
Still there is time for a few pictures 
The various Carabinieri groups all want to have their picture of participation later on in the mess or cantina
Some more platform impressions follow here of checks and starting up.....
 ..... by the Germans here...
.....every move and development of the exercises will be registrated and followed...
.... the Italians start as well...
.... the Czech Hind attack helicopters...
....The German NH-90 helicopters sure are 'busy-bees' in this Italian Blade 2015 !

3-  Last page #7 shows the Mangusta. Here some Mangusta-simulator imagesI

Viterbo has a very modern Mangusta simulator
Many pilots start their helicopter training on this simulator
A special helmet supports the trainees
The training can be made very realistic, with sudden bad weather, engine fail, you name it..... 
.....  the instructors can create any possible problem to be handled by the pilots in the simulator.
( The complete written article is to be found at page 7 )

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