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i4-  Below we show you some interviewing, and preparation for the coming actions  

We show this in images with a description here and there
In the free-time in between exercises there is always a possibility for a team-picture. The Hungarians were verey proud to be part of IB-2015 !
Major Endre Daróczi gave us an extended interview about the Hungarian Airforce and the way they participate in this exercise...
.... he wants to learn all he can because in 2017 Hungary will host a 'Blade' exercise.
Many exercises and scenario's have been practiced, flown, debriefed and improved... even reconnaissance flights
... not seldom by very skilled groundcrews...  ( hopefully this didn't give too much distraction ;-)
The heavy German helicopter CH_53 flies to his coordinates to drop special forces
All flights must be observed and guided by cheching groundcrews and flying specialists on board
Depending on the job there are so many specialists for the several jobs to be done
Sometimes special forces are flown into a scenario, and integration is a key-word. For instance Germans are brought by an available helicopter  
 which must make no difference if it concerns a Slovakian Cougar, German CH-53, Italian Chinook or NH-90....
Former Eastern-Europe countries learn, but also bring in own experiences as explained here by Milos Pecha (SLo) and Off. Fierpasz (Hu)
So to see well-prepared German troops just arrived back from a counter terror action.... 
....loadmaster checks...
....while troopers just embarked in the Italian Chinook which will also bring us press to the field of action !
Hatch still open, but engines already running....
.....and every single soldier knows what to do and what is expected. 
.... and off we go !
Coming and going of - as stated - several seperately running exercises .... 
This Hungarian helicopter is departing to fly to a location where special forces have to be collected after their mission.
Supplies have to be transported in the meantime for complementing the troops
As press / observers you don't always know which flight means what. here possibly observing / support of a Belgian  A-109
It's clear 'something is coming up' while everywhere is action on the platforms , such as this Czech Hind !
Italian NH-90 Helo's have started up, and taxi to the runway to depart

5-  Knowing to improvise when neccessaryI

It's what Andy Gray (composer of the exercises) once said: "We learn them how to think" ! This can be tactical and practical.
The Slovenian Cougar must to make  a flight to transport special forces. It would be convenient however to be equipped with a gunner. 
Some thinking and improvising leads to a smart possible solution. 
By using a few simple tensioners, a snipergun can be mounted in a way that the sniper can function flexible and professional...
....two nationalities work out this smart plan...
....it's not a comfortable couch, but effective in case needed.
"We learn them how to think" gave a simpel solution for some defence- or fire-support possibility on this Slovenian helicopter and crew
The German soldiers are ready to start when needed..... which will be the case later on.
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