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What will it be, JSF, Eurofighter, Gripen, Rafale ??? (continuation)
Our former status report in 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' (above) also on this site.
This month's magazine: The article as well as Hans Heerkens reflections part-2 !
Get a  good impression of the present status, and expectations for the future. 
Though unlikely, you never know if a government will make a sudden unexpected choice.
As long as the JSF is not the overall definite choice, it's all open still. Eurofighter ? Gripen ?
Or... endlife update for the Fighting Falcon ?? It's crisis you know ..........


Februari 2013 will bring the second edition of 'JSF Status Report'
2012. A crucial year for the JSF, the promising program is now being observed with mixed feelings by the various partners
Lockheed Martin tests and informs, but the program is not running smoothly
Not to say unfortunate, ast the F-35B STOVL is grounded momentarily due to problems with the 'vertical' systems. 
Ofcourse testing and improving will go on, to have the F-35B land on  carrier platforms.
Above some details of the JSF, the engine is common for all the variuos types.
As for the Dutch: It will still take some time between this animation and the real flights over The Netherlands
If the JSF can deliver what it is designed for, it's a 'hell of a machine' !
Much depends on the delivery time of Lockheed Martin, to avoid costly upgrades after too late (years) deliveries.
It was recently reported that a Turkish decision to purchase the aircraft has been postponed
In case the numbers (sale) will firmly decrease that will implicate that the price per aircraft will rise
In particular the development of software is dramatically behind schedule and it looks like becoming the big bottleneck.
However testing and flying continues, and several clients are informed and consulted.
A view of a test ramp, jet engine blasts registered by dozens of sensors.
This test-pilot doesn't seem to have any problems flying the brandnew fifth generation aircraft !
The future of this plane depends on the succes of testing, delivering and how the crisis in Europe will proceed
Time will tell how the project goes, but in any case the U.S. Congress passes an important mark.
Take a close look again: It will still take some time before we can admire our roundels on JSF's over The Netherlands !
Our special thanks go to Lockheed Martin, allowing us to show these pictures to the readers in Status reports 2011 / 2013
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