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Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2012

An exeptional visit to a country that manifests itself in the 'Big Market' !
The largest Aviation Magazine in Europe also published an impression....
'Postcard from ... Kazakhstan'
On with the program ! Here both EC-145 next to eachother
Mi-8MTV-5 in attackversion on display (1)
The Mil-MI-8 and 17 versions are still used in many countries in large numbers.
The Antonov 26, prooven reliable workhorse for -by the way- so many airforces in the world
Minister of Emergency of Kazakhstan Vladimir Bozhko (l.)
The minister officially receives one of two Kamov Ka-32 Firefighters from Russian Helicopters
The kamov is equipped with two rotorblade systems, turning both in opposite direction to eachother
Frontal view
Eurocopter EC-145 Medevac in 'full frame' equipment shown on the static
Tupolev Tu-134, the Governamental plane Kazachstan (1)
Tupolev Tu-134, the Governamental plane Kazachstan (2)
Mi-26 'Halo' 
Mi-26 'Halo' from 612AB Taraz static, and leaves platform of Astana
Mig-31 from 610th Air Base Sary-Arka/Karaganda (1)
Mig-31 from 610th Air Base Sary-Arka/Karaganda (2)
ZKMK project, based on Lancair IV Aircraft, only one flying in Kazakhstan Air Force
Demonstration with the Eurocopter EC-725 Caracal
Caracal demonstrating, in the knowledge that Kazachstan showed interest in the acquisition of a CSAR helicopter
Frontal image, made at Dax France
Antonov AN 74TK-200 on static
Flankers again !!
Defence in the air, guarding on the ground !
What a magnificent show, fooling the camera as if it were at night...
With the seldom seen Su-25 from Chimkent we end this photographic impression. Thanks for your attention !
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