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Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2013 publication in TopguN

An exeptional visit to a country that manifests itself in the 'Big Market' : Astrana Kazakhstan !
Romanian Nr 1 reports: Kazakhstan KADEX
Topgun Romania publishes our KADEX article in this edition, we add our extra material to give a larger impression !
It's quite exeptional th be here, in a country that starts developing it's own strong industry
Please do scroll down with us for some more action starting right here with smooth short comments:
Su-27 Flankers from Kazakhstan air Force in attractive blue colour scheme (display and flying)
President Nazebaiev of Kazachstan (middle) has great future plans with his country and aviation industry.
Aero L-39 from 609 Air Base at Balkash in standard blue/yellow colour scheme. 
The Albatros demonstrating always steals the show.
Aero L-39 team on the platform.
Aero L-39 team flew several sorties these days.
Sole Antonov An-30 of Kazakhstan Air Force .
Heavily armed Su-25 from 602nd Air Base Chimkent.
Mig-27 from 604th Air Base at Taldy-Kurgan.
Kazach paratrooper in front of Mi-8MTV-5  (1).
Kazach paratrooper in front of Mi-8MTV-5  (2).
Flanker from 604th Air Base at Taldy-Kurgan.
SU-27's probably THE highlight of the show for many spectators.
During the shows the SU-27 demonstrated, with a Western pod under the fuselage.
Colorful scemes on the aircraft of differen types all in a row.
Again some Flanker impressions......
.......demonstrating the spectators their great capabilities.....
.......  and suddenly when no-one expects it.....
.... a beautiful demonstration of spitting flares....
.... for self defence to heat-seeking missiles.
..... and happy landings afterwards !
So far the fighters at the moment...
.....we'll proceed with showing some helicopters like this Eurocopter product.
Eurocopter is keen on selling the EC-series in this part of the world and explore the market....
.... Kazakhstan already purchased these EC-145's .
First two EC-145 have been delivered to Kazakhstan Air Force  .
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