Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2012

AERONAUTICA & DIFESA informs the readers about the closing down of NAS Kiel-Holtenau in Germany.
Helicoptercrews from other EU nations joined this occasion to say 'Goodbye Kiel !'
Highlight of the event was this Sea King that demonstrated later on the day.
The view that will not be seen anymore, Sea Kings standing-by in their hangars
An operational picture of refuelling helicopter and men
Bo-105, senior type of helicopter but still very usefull.
The Bolkow 105 visitor this day in special colors......
...... and one with the German Flag on the fuselage
Regular visitors on events like this, these units also assist....
 ....when and where needed by SAR, next to their regular Police-tasks
Highlight and visitor to the event, this MI-14 nickname 'Haze'
NCapable of landing on land and water (Polish Navy)
This Canadian Griffon was another highlight. 
The unit was in Europe (Netherlands) some time ago for a SAR contest/competition.
German pilots and crews had a good opportunity to see outside and sit inside their new choice.... many hadn't seen the NH-90 yet in real.
The Dutch Lynx will also be replaced during the traject of commissioning the NH-90. Last flight: september 2012 !
German Navy Lynx, static on the platform
The Eurocopter 135 static on display.
The UH-1D (Utility helicopter) also static on display
From here we start our 'Good-Bye' tour....
 Sea King flying over the 'tribute' of the SAR boat 'Berlin'.
Some logo's arond the departure
 The absolute 'King of Kiel:  The Sea King helicopter.
 Though old(er) still capable, reliable and familiar to crews and environment 
Flying however it's formal last flight...
Giving once more a demonstration in the way how many people's lives were saved !
Often in cooperation with the berlin, or ships like this
 A yellow smoke pod shows the helicopter from a distance where to be
Professionals sometimes risk their own lives to save others
 For some cases the basket is an ideal tool to get someone aboard
This may work better, faster and safer  in some cases
 However mostly someone is lowered by line
 To get you on board , also a special procedure is used.
Associated life-saving SAR boat
Small quiz: Which one does belong in this row ??
The official 'Goodbye Kiel' waves to all committed to the base.....
.....and mainly also to visitors and people from the neighbourhood. Unfortunately for the last time.
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