Fight for new orders to replace the Kiowa warrior Army helicopters in the USA (May 2013)

Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2013

It's quite a battle without arms, but political statements and quality, value for money ! 
Do read our story on the bottom of this webpage, how things develop momentarily.
 Leading picture in many ways might be this EADS North American AAS-72+ Armed Aerial Scout combat helicopter
A complete new design is this Sikorski S-97 Raider, a totally new to be developed concept
Turbomeca Arriel engine, shown as one of the 28 versions  applied in helicopter types.
The 'Lakota' is already in use by the American Army Airforce....
....though not yet made so very suitable for armoured (attack) tasks.
The AAS_X shows clearly that the deisgn is based on the EC-145
This AAS-72X meets all demands of high altitude and high temperatures of the US-Army.
OH-58 Kiowa, the soon to be replaced type.
This Kiowa is equipped with a nose-sensor
Boeing is also interested in delivering new helicopters, main concurrents are Bell and EADS for now.
We had the pleasure to fly the Kiowa type   North American AAS-72+ in front
The Kiowa was pictured many times during our stay at kandahar in Afghanistan
Still the 'Warrior' is a well respected and very useful helicopter
Parking the machine after it's flown missions (Kandahar)
You better beware.....    !
Kiowa OH-58D operational in warzone  (credits Dave Majumdar)
The OH-58 is more or less 'at home' under desert circumstances. Any other new type should do also !
A last view on the AAS-72X+ , as contender. May the best one win !
Our special thanks to Sikorsky, Boeing, Bell and EADS ! 
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