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On with the show ! Do you know 'Frysian Flag' ? 

The annual mass-exercise in the province of Friesland. Mascotte: The Grey-red parrot who seems to enjoy it !
Interesting exercise to follow, and an occasion where press from many countries visit to cover this.
It shows the capability of cooperation between several European countries to learn from eachother.
Two F-16MLU Fighting Falcons fly in Frysian Flag..

Some recent types within the 'KLu' 

And back to the 'Open Days' , here the other Dutch Demonstrator. Guarantee for a fine show and good promotor.
Orange for us all ! 
The Dutch Open Days were visited very well, about 200.000 people witnessed this day live at Volkel.
The DO-228 Coastguard airplane. Seperate article under 'Piloot en Vliegtuig'on this site.
The Chinook is always present, mostly in the demonstration of 'Air Power'. (Coming up in 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' soon)
AB-412 SAR helicopter, nickname 'Tweety' 
Cougar, phased out and phased in again. Read the story 'Pirates', Piloot en Vliegtuig magazine on  this site.
Cougar in grey sceme, chasing pirates as 'interim'for the coming NH-90
So many years of loyal and Royal service: The Alouette III. Now the Queen retired, the fate of the Alouette is unknown.
KDC-10 tanker plane, see our article under 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' (main page, Piloot en Vliegtuig'). 
It's a unique refuelling system
F-16MLU with recce pod and extra fueltanks, wheels out and fully equipped.
Chinook and Hercules in Air Power demonstration.
The weather was quite fine these Open Days, about 200.000 people could fully enjoy these days !
Both Hercules types. The G-988 is our newest purchase. See the article mainpage 'Piloot en Vliegtuig'.
Hercules planes on the Eindhoven Airbase platform.

... and some 'Golden Oldies' again 

Alouette III in it's military role and camouflage-jacket.
Already dissapeared from the scene, the Bolkow B-105.
Historical flight: Gloster, F-16, Magister and Hunter.
Two other 'Golden Oldies': Beaver and Piper Cub.
Two examples of the demonstration team 'Fokker Four' (S-11)
Another 'Four Friends Flight': Piper Cub, Beaver, S-11 and Stinson. The latter was our Prins Bernhards plane ! 
The Pilatus PC-7 trainer from Woensdrecht in the old yellow sceme.
This is the PC-7's recent color sceme. 'Planes in Black' .


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