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We're very happy to say that Lynx pilots and crewmembers participated in this article with their own material !

We're most grateful to you guys ! Our Special Thanks & Credits to:

Ralph Blok   Arco de Heer
Leroy Blom   Jeroen vd Loo
Chris Cocheret   James Lorraine
 Koen Hartkamp   Oscar Sannen
& AVDD Ministry of Defense 
Goodbye Lynx !
'Piloot en Vliegtuig' pays attention to the end of an era of the Royal Dutch Navy Lynx!

   Het Nederlandse onafhankelijke luchtvaartblad !   


Monument at Den Helder 'De Kooij' Naval Airbase
Pilots shared their best pictures with us to give you an impression of the goodbye ceremony and their work
This shows the 'last flight helicopter on patrol'. 
The end of the Lynx era, never to be forgotten !!
And such a pleasure to fly this machine, pilots love it's maneuverability and steadiness
The goodbye flight was accompanied halfway by two Harvards of the SKHV (historical flight, picture AVDD)
This must be unique to experience such a flight along the Dutch coast
Two DHC Lynx machines flew the 'last flight'.
A special ceremonial flag, designed for the work and crews that saved so many lives and flew so many (rescue) missions 
Some missions such as fighting piracy were next to very succesful a direct hit at YouTube !
The Lynx secured on deck of a Naval vessel
A Lynx cooperating with a German vessel, the A1411 'Berlin' in an anti-piracy mission
Lynx, exercising with flares for self-protection
Hold her steady, while fast-roping special forces go down ! (exercise)
In real ofcourse there is armament, which can and will be used if neccessary !
Special foreces can also be transported out fast out of area, not neccessarily inside the helicopter. R: Pirate boats 
On mission : The Hr.Ms. 'Evertsen'' the air defense and command frigate F805 (front)
RHIB's, Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat's inspecting a vessel if sustained or pirate minded....
Another situation of checking out and inspection within international agreements by the way ...
Though... the Lynx will be indeed no more than a single shadow soon, but remain in the minds of so many !
Landing on the quarter-deck of the 'Evertsen'
The Lynx was in service since 1977, very valuable for the 'Marine' and later cruising for DHC (do read article below)
So close to the ship requires upper concentration of the pilots
Some views of operational action...
.... who wouldn't like such a job ?
Though time took it's toll, and the Lynx frames are up to the moment of getting their rest 
So... a last patrol along the 'sandy beaches' of the Dutch coastline !
Admiral Borsboom speeched, and he joked that he had water in his eyes, as he explained 'because of the wind' ....
VIP's , veterans and many others were present for the official ceremony 
A lot to say, about history, personell, consequences, and ofcourse the near future
Many official acts and many informal moments
Commodore Westerbeek also speeched. After that a fly-past took place with the current DHC helicopters (each type)
Admiral Borsboom and Commodore Westerbeek witnessed it all and saluted with great respect
Lynx, AB-412 'Tweety', Chinook, Cougar and Apache
Souvenirs given, will have prominent places somewhere to remember the Lynx
A last and final view and chat about this remarquable reliable Naval workhorse.....
....the names of the last crews written on the tail !  Join us on the next page ??
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