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Ok, let's proceed with page 2 of the MAKS impressions. A good starter : The Sukhoi Superjet 100 !
Sukhoi was present with both civil and military aviation. The Su-100 (left and the SU-34 (right)
Sukhoi 35, heatwaves darken the sharpness of the plane, pushing itself upwards
This proves that Russian aviation is on a very high level, as far as  it wasn't known yet...   :-))
 The SU-35 with chute. After a spectacular demonstration....
.... the plane is dragged to a parking place at the ramp.
Strizhi MIG-29 demonstration team
This in bice for the public, such a color sceme agianst a blue sky !
Thanks guys for this fine demonstration.
 In between on the ground there is so much to see, several types of engines...
 ... but the sky is the limit. Here this Yak 130, the result of a cooperation between Russia and Italy.
Nice angle, this Tuploev 214
Here he is: The Russian Bear !
Who ever succeeded in making a picture of this plane without any public on a show ??.....
Lately such a plane was intercepted by our Dutch F-16,s over The Netherlands, it's a game of many years already.....
T-154 M testbed plane
Some 'Russian Knight Flankers' demonstrate...
A fine view to see, but mind your ears !
Let's see, there is so much more static on the platform, like this Tupolev Tu-204 CM
And what have we here: A USAF Super Galaxy, flanked by an A-10 Warthog 'Tankbuster'.
Let L-410 UVP-E20
A French Rafale demonstrates, in his 30.000 Hrs outfit
The French have their own Dassault assault jet-program, and would never choose for Gripen or Typhoon.
Goin'back in time: The SU-25 'Frogfoot'
Myassichev M-10 IT Ghzel   Mil MI-8 MTV-1
Mig-35 static...
...  and back from demo-flight
Technoavia Rysachok
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