Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2011 - Piloot en Vliegtuig

Small briefing about the Medevac Exercise at Woensdrecht AFB and more - The Netherlands
Piloot en Vliegtuig reports about a medevac exercise at Woensdrecht AFB....
.... and some other impressions
There's payed a lot of attention to medevac in The Netherlands
Has to be, since we have many situations that may need it, like the Oil-drilling platforms on the North Sea
Here a 'victim' is hoisted aboard of a Super Puma (this occasion our author Kees Otten)
And also rescue at (North)sea requires many times the KNRM people and the Lynx helicopters from Den Helder
March 29 - 2011 a combined Dutch - Spanish exercise was held at Woensdrecht AFB
A C295M from the Spanish Airforce came in with 'wounded men'...
here one of the 'victims' (less injured...)
...  and ofcourse a stabilised heavy casualty
Spanish and Dutch personell cooperate to transport the casualties fast to a place for their next treatments...
.... It's all as if they all worked together for years already...
... in times of need or trouble a small medic-camp can be arranged in very short time...
... including stretchers....
...  complete surgery facilities if neccessary ...
... including the administration. 
At Woensdrecht the fire-fighters were stand by with their modern crash-tender.
PR officer Meijering gave interview to press and broadcast team of NOS
It's all part of the game in these matters.
Though outside the image of a big brown-green box...
... the inside of these military ambulances is very well equipped for many situations
Situations like this: A 'victim' has to be cut out of a crashed car...
... in situations of accidents or disasters Army, navy and Airforce can be of all needed help.
Victim has been taken care of, stabilised, packed in foil for keeping the temperature ok...
Also a trauma-helicopter is stand by at Volkel Airbase, one of the teams is the one of Maik Feyen
Maik demonstrates how easy and accurate a stretcher can be loaded into this Eurocopter...
... which also is equippes with most modern medical tools
Left: Maik on the sticks, on the way with his team to a heavy traffic accident. Right: SAR badge Bristow
And ofcourse we have our 'Tweety' AB-412, which is in fact still a military helicopter
Here an Agusta K2 Swiss Air Ambulance, like many countries have their own organisations.
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