Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2012

In a fine contribution to Piloot & Vliegtuig our collegue Lolke van der Heide wrote about a 'Whirl Tower',the largest installation to repair rotorblades by Sikorsky in Texas. New blades cost about 200.000 $, a repair perhaps only 20.000 $.
In some cases redaction uses pictures from other sources to complete a story, or give it some extra view in total.
In this article the MH-53 Pave Low was used, we made this picture at Bierset Belgium.
The picture of this machine was shown because it carries rotorblades that weigh about 2500 kilograms !
Quite a job for the Whirl Tower, dewcribed by Lolke in his article !
It's quite a rare appearance in these European environments and only the germans operate the MH-53 as well.
This one (from the article) is used by the USAF by the way, not a German example.
We thought for this reason we show you some extra pictures of this hughe transport helicopter...
.... which can aslo be used as a 'mean & lean machine in battle (!) so beware of this giant 
We hope you like our small contribution to the article of collegue Lolke van der Heide, article credits about this test-plant , this facility - largest in the world - are all his !
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