'OPERATIE       LUCHTSTEUN'


The Alouette III will be most probably out of service soon
Queen Beatrix insisted in flying this type. Now that she is a Princess, she doesn't fly that frequently anymore
The Alouette celebrates it's 50'st anniversary this year.                         Right: A Chinook demonstrates firefighting.
The Alouette shows how a person in principle can be lowered on a moving object such as a life-saving boat on full sea 
As stated: the weather didn't quite cooperate, though after a 10 minutes umbrella, everything is fine again 
The Red Arrows take-off for a demonstration
Their planes got a new outfit, with the British Flag.
Their show is always so perfect... 
... the very high program could not be flown because of the clouds...
...but still they could show us their beautiful actions.
One can discuss it, but to us the Red Arrows are the best demonstrationteam in the world ! (Even over the Blue Angels) 
But that's personal I guess... , 
...though there is hardly any team that flies as fixed as this team. Nor the patrouille de France, nor the Frecce Tricolore.
The 'Red's 'on finals !
Also fine and impressing: The KDC-10 with boom out, 2 F-16's left and two right as in a refuelling position 
Our neighbours showing a (SAR) Search and Rescue action with the aged Sea King  which will be replaced by the NH-90 
Can anyone tell me where the toilets are ?
Nice colorscemes on planes and helicopters
Spanish helicopter demo team Patrouilla Aguila
The guy from the refreshments is doing good business as well !!
Now really guys... You don't actually believe in miracles or fairy-tales, do you ??
Come to think of it.... I believe you do !!!
Back to serious: Quite a program the RNLAF organized, chapeau & compliments !
The Chinook also gave a firm acte de presence... an action where a terrorist was captured and a hostile cell was eliminated all happened in minutes, these guys are the real specialists !
The Dutch now also have toned-down grey on their Chinooks.
Anyway, a nice day for the family, or to catch-up with family of friends the day over ;)
The old waterplane the 'Catalina' still flying, great !
Dutch Defense also had some pictures available for us. 'With a little help from your friends....
...these nice pictures from above on the fighter platform just for two days...
...and what to think of this marvellous Mitchell bomber. One of the 'real planes' as some say.
Always nice to see these old warbirds.
Come to the end of day two, the Red Arrows are already lined up after their performance...
Let us not forget the very important people: 'Commandant strijdkrachten' Luitenant Generaal Alexander Snitger, astronaut Andre Kuipers, en niet te vergeten de dames van het culinaire deel: (het staat toch al op de sloof) ! 
We're almost done folks, this also was a special appearance, a Czech Mig-29 with chute in Tigermeet outfit. 
Gilze Rijen is the DHC helicopterbase. (Defense Helicopter Command) . It wouldn't be DHC if they didn't close the show with a mass-
fly-by with Chinooks, Apaches and Cougars to show the public: Here we are, and we are here for you !
On behalf of our team thanks to all, you did a wonderful job and pleased about a quarter of a million visitors.
Thank you so much, it was delicious !!  See you next time. 
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Onze hartelijke dank aan Defensie voor het beschikbaar stellen van een aantal foto's ! 

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