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Piloot en Vliegtuig reports in a photographic impression about the 'Open days' 2011
We do have a short story as well in Dutch and in English, do scroll below
We continue our photographic impression:
The Dutch Hunter !
Enjoy the Turkish F-16 once more...
A real nice end of the show: The chute breaks the speed !
The Bae Hawk returns after his flight
The giant Italian Hercules hits the skies
Dutch KDC-10 tanker concept. See our special article manipage 'Piloot en Vliegtuig'.
Eurofighter Typhoon and Red Bull Bo-105 both demonstrate loopings .....   :-))
Belgian Alpha Jet
Another chute-user: The German 'Phantom Phorever'..... they cannot seem to say goodbye, Good for us !
  Dutch, belgian and Turkish F-16 demonstrators 'Brother to Brother'
Once more the Dutch Hunter flies with it's characteristic sound
Most beautiful tail-graffity comes along
The C-17 project once more, choose for our special Globemaster article below on this page
Another example of leased civil expertise
The AWACS 'eye-in-the-sky' from Geilenkirchen
Damn Canon !!     Or is it Nikon ???     Turn left, turn right ???
Apache static on the Leeuwarden concrete
Belgian trainer 'shark' Marchetti's
last but not least: The Black Cat Royal Navy demonstration team !
And with this Red Arrows Hawk we close this photographic overview. Hope to show more in 2014 !
Special thanks to captain Andre Bongers, Spokesman Operations RNLAF
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