Polish Orlik modified
Poland is in the modernization phase, the Orlik has been modified, the Iskra is to be replaced soon, recently the 
Blackhawk is being produced in Poland by PZL Mielec ! This month the type-description of the modified Orlik. 
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The updated PZL Orlik - II, mind the curled wings 
The modifications were neccessary to be able to compete with for instance Tucano and PC-9
Team Orliki 'on the road'. 
This looks like the update is succesful
Orlik-II MPT (Multi Purpose Trainer) now equipped with glass-cockpit
Airbus Military Polska and iInstitute Polish Airforce modified the Orlik for an amount of 47.2 million US $
The powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-25C turboprop engine with four-bladed Harzell propeller
Seen like this there is hardly any difference, though the Orlik has got new wings as well
The trainer is meant as stepup to the Aermacchi M-346, which is at its turn the step to the F-16
Much was also modified inside such as avionics
Originally 48 Orlik-I Turboprops were purchased in 1993 by the Polish Airforce
As many people can see during airshows, the plane is very well to handle
End of 2011 some 28 examples were still operational. A first modification order for 16 was given.
Defense minister Siemoniak and chief-of-staff Cieniuch visited the factory in 2013 to be informed about the progress
An order to upgrade the remaining 12 has also been signed already
This is the Orlik-I , mind the wingtips and 5-bladed propeller of this elder type
The upgrade will result in some 10-12000 flighthours
The cockpit with Charmin IFR avionics suite brings digital enginecontrol, quite similar to the use in the F-16.
More awareness is given by high-end multifunctional displays, HUD, mission computer and HOTAS
Climbing and rolling now is even better, mobility increased with 40%, curves can be handled to +7 and -3 G. 
Finally a fuel-reduction of 20% completes the scene, while still a speed of 456 km/hr is possible 
Atmosphere picture....
The sturdy landing gear allows landing on dirt roads and terrain
Finally the pilot and instructor dispose of a Martin-Baker ejection seat
The pictures on this page were all recently taken at Radom AFB Poland (2013)
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Onze hartelijke dank aan Public Relations in Radom die dit bezoek aan dit team mogelijk maakte 
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