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For the public once more the starting up of a Phantom F-4 engine was demonstrated ...
...and the characteristic howling sound of the F-4 was combined with the even characteristic smoke !
In the old colorsceme this Phantom tried to steal the show, unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs.
What about this beauty !!
Later on the 38+10 had it's chance to fly after all along the crowd....
......and showed a nice landing with chute in the rain again.
Open canopies...
and some more pictures to show to you, to remember or admire if you weren't there.
'Don't let me die, I want to fly' !!
'Phabulous Phour Phantoms Phly'   ;-))
Newcomer Typhoon accompanies the leaving 'Golden Oldies'.
It is good that the Eurofighter is coming, employment in the area will remain the same...
... and the nuisance will be a third less around, better for men and nature.
Here another golden oldie image, credits and archive Koos Heemskerk
Some operational images from the past (archive Koos Heemskerk) above and below
(archive Koos Heemskerk)
(archive Koos Heemskerk)
A Richthofen 'Red Baron' Fokker replica flew.... 
The Red Baron was an ace by his time !
Casa 1.131E Jungmann showing out...
....and some other guests entertained the people.....
Such as also the 'Team Wumme' Yak-52
....and finally on this page the Target Tugs Skyhawk on which we'll dedicate a complete article later in time.


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