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  Mirage F.1
The Mirage F.1 prooved to be a good design, as evidenced by the long record of service !
Base Aerienne 112 Reims Squadron will be partly lifted around 2011, so let's have a closer looki
The Mirage F-1 dates from the seventies, when there was a need to replace the Mirage III


Mirage F-1B in standard colors, and an Alsace F-1B in Special colors, both ER02-033 Sqn
A fine F-1C with 'Belfort ER-1/33'on the fuselage due to the lifting of this squadron, here at the platform
The 'Belfort' is being prepared for flight
Some 15 minutes later there she goes ! Just a little bit extra !
Mirages F-1 CR with ELINT, both in standard camouflage
 Due to 67th anniversary of the 'Group Alsace' these fine colors were demonstrated in flight
Mirage F-1CR flies a recce mission with his ELINT pod, used in Afghanistan, Tchaad, Serbia and Bosnia
Mr. Laurent (middle) the man that guided us and made our visit happen
Some platform views
Not equipped with night-vision, the F-1 is very capable still in other tasks of modern warfare
The F-1 is a good teacher for the cadets, you can 'really learn to fly'in this machine
French Airforce also 'exports' it's training, for Moroccan Airforce pilots
A view at the maintainance halls...
... and what do you do when you don't fly: Watch your collegues fly !
mEnd of the impression, end of flight. Thanks for you interest !!
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                Un merci spécial à M. Laurent, qui nous a guidés si bien !
                Special thanks to Mr. Laurent who guided us so well !
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