Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2013 Article

A small contribution amongst others , but worth while showing: Airforces monthly.
Show or mistake ? Dutch Demo-F-16 launched flares at the runway, which had to be cleared before landing
Basecommander Kalko from Minsk Mazowiecie giving interview at Radom.

Radom Highlights

Industrial interest
Poland organises the Radom International air show with two years time path.
This air show evolved to a major event with participation out of the whole of Europe and the best display teams.
Also the community of international aircraft manufacturers showed interest and find their way to Radom  
For those who dont know, Radom is situated about two hours south of Warsawa and is home to the Polish Air Force's
Nice demonstrations by the Soloturk F-16 and the Baltic Bees
Originally founded in 1920 as civilian pilot training field, today hosting the 42nd Aviation Base School 
Radom is probably best known for it's bi-annual airshow, where the Iskra's feel absolute at home !
Developments gave the Sukhoi SU-22 Fitter the disadvantage of age.. Wide-winged for slow speed.
Fighting Falcon and Flanker: East meets West
The ex-Soviet aircraft are still a rare sight at any show outside the Russian borders
NI-14 Haze from Polish Navy
Demonstration of an old Corsair US Navy
Nice detail, small airplane with Forward Looking Infra Red. Borderpatrol ! They have it, we should .....
Many helicopter types, like this flying W-3 Sokol..... 
..... and another one static
The always impressing Hind 
Nice coloured TS-11 Iskra in its military jacket
As in our Western 'Open Days' here also all kinds of marketstalls... and families enjoying !

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