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Yes, cold it was indeed sometimes, even up to about 29 degrees below zero.....
... but let's not complain, the reward was great ! The Bardufoss Flight School gave us a unique opportunity !
This is the upper North of Norway, airbase Bardufoss, Flight School where we even saw the Northern light !
Candidate pilots are assessed on their possible skills. We fly today, two Safari's standing by.
Most of the aircraft are parked in a large hangar
A nice example with shark-teeth is being serviced.
The lead and follow plane are being prepared for a flight, we have to hurry, bad weather is coming near
Safetychecks are made...
One of our team will fly and shoot. Camera images that is.....
Major Erling 'Grandpa' Flobak leads the flight, accompanied by the second plane for air-to-air pictures 
A view in the cockpit, still quite analog. 
The flight leads over pittoresque mountains and provides us with unimaginable views  
Thanks to the shoulder position of the wings a good view in all directions is possible
The plane is very stable in the air with a good climbing ability and is nice to handle in the turns.
Major Erling 'Grandpa' Flobak, Commander of the flight school in the right seat this occasion. 
The aircraft has dual controls and there is flown only under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions
The plane was developed in neighboring Sweden, originally from Malmo Flygindustri
Instructor and student sit side by side and have good eye-contact and view on the instruments.
Even for aerobatics the small plane lends itself well where the limits are at +6 G and-3G
Small villages pass under us, the upper North is thinly populated
After an hours flight it's obvious the weather turns into worse, and we fly back to Bardufoss airbase
In front: the runway. What a nice view and experience !
Major Erling Flobak. Thank you for this magnificent opportunity !
Even the fire brigade is in 'Tweety-yellow' 
The sun just over the mountainridge can fool the camera, as it seems to be evening here...
Still it's half on the day. 
The plane is taxied to the hangar...
... the pictures have been made and it's time for some socialising and interview.
We'd like to thank Major Flobak and his personell who made this flight possible and very worth while !
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