Dutch Aviation Media 2012

The sixth edition already of Pilots and Planes Military ! Dutch Aviation Support contributes with 4 articles.
This article concerns the 'last flight' of this TCA Boeing 707 from Geilenkirchen Germany
Pilots and Planes Military was able to join this operational flight tp Aktion / Preveza Greece
A unique chance, to fly this NATO Boeing
Since our complete press team was on board this flight, we had to rely on some collegues 'flying pictures'i
Do scroll below for our photographic impression and article
The Preveza platform
So far Pilots and Planes military , enjoy the photographic impressions and articles below
Entry of Geilenkirchen AFB
One of our collegues images, provided by- and credits Matthias Bienentreu
Special constructed containers, to leave a small corridor to walk through the plane's cargo part
 Our host in Greece, our host on board Capt. ter Horst, and ofcourse in between the TCA 707
Another collegues image from Europe, Stephano Truzzi's credits here
Loading, unloading, these jobs take place twenty-four-seven, these guys don't know office times...
Fortunately there's a lot of advanced machinery to make the work easier
Another pallet, and an empty cargo area
Loading the plane at Geilenkirchen AFB, the tower of Geilenkirchen, and the narrow corridor between wall and containers
Safety first corner and the special rollerball floor to easily push and secure heavy containers
Lets have a look at the pilot's office, impression 'on height'
The board mechanic controls a large part of all avionics, fuel, and all kinds of systems
We show another flying image of one of our friends outside the country, credits Tom Neu.
Easy job as a co-pilot ? Forget it. same responsability, same skills !
Once on autopilot there's time for a small conversation from 'seat five'
Logo on fuselage, and two badges
Flying image credits & provided by Keith Burton
Delegate of the province of Limburg in animated conversation, due to noise nuisance over this area
International press and several delegates and committed persons, gathering information and having interviews
Overview of FOB (Forward Operating Bases) and participating countries of NATO
Almost the last platform impressions of the TCA 707 LX-N 20199
For 1,5 hour in Greece
Cargodoor is opened, the load unloaded
Aktion Preveza Greece
Aktion Preveza Greece
Some of the crew members posed, others of USAF were still on board
 Oh, sorry guys, this one is more impressive :-))
Soon these engines will only be used to skill upcoming technicians
There will be no more noise nuisance over Geilenkirchen and province Limburg from these 'powertubes'
Lokation: Preveza Greece. Time for coffee and small talk with press collegues. For the souvenirs you'd have to fly over....
A privilege to sit next to this logo on the wings at high altitudes, and walk under it finally the last last time...
The plane is prepared for flying home here
So time to fly back to Geilenkirchen , image credits collegue Peter Emmert
The LX-N 20199 on finals, credits Jan Eenling
Last moments before touchdown...
The end of an era ! TNT will be present on the platform in future with much more silent engines, time goes on....
Our special thanks go to Cpt. Wilco ter Horst, the crew of TCA 707, the Greek Airforce, and once again our collegues:
Jan Eenling, Peter Emmert, Keith Burton, Tom Neu, Stephano Truzzi & Matthias Bienentreu i
for helping us out and showing our readers the flying images that we were able to use by their permission !
A safe homecoming at Geilenkirchen in the evening
 Late at night the TCA 707 is parked next to it's USAF brothers. No one will call again for him...........
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