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100 Years of Turkish Airforce Party
 The best Italian independent aviation magazine, dedicates 5 pages !
The complete story translated in Italian, where also many aviation enthousiasts read this magazine
The Italian contribution to 'Turkish Airforce competes with the age'
 Ok, welcome back here in page two ! Starting with this Italian C-27-J Spartan...
i...coming in and landing, transporting equipment probably for the team 'Frecce Tricolore'.
T-41-D Cessna 'Mescalero' flying by, and the Ptt's steals the show. That's what it is made for anyway.
Many thanks for this nice gift...
...a key-ring version of the 'Remove before Flight' streamers.
And yes, here they are suddenly, the stunning sensational demo planes of the'fabulous 'Turkish Stars' !!
Pictures can only give an image, you have to see these guys fly their machines...
 .... and believe me, they fly better than you drive !
Thanks for now guys, we'll be back to you.
And what have we here... ground to air assault ??  'Happy cameramen'
    Another surprise... no this is not a Pilatus PC-9...
...it concerns the KAI  KT-1T Woong Bee ...
.... but Pilatus Switzerland visitors may have had their own thoughts  :-)
Nice Radio, TV and Magazine Press-ladies showed up in the scenery of Izmir AFB...'Happy Press'
.... but you're right, let's stick to the planes. Like this fine Northrop T-38A Talon from 121 Filo
For the spectators a treat to see this slim appearance twin-seater
... The platform masters did a great job, in placing these machines in front of such a beautiful environment...
... compliments to you all !
But there were so many others who made this celebration a succes, like these girls and boys...'Happy Staff'.
... and all people who made sure all these planes were in the right position...
... such as this Agusta Bell 412EP Coast Guard Helicopter
'Happy Catering'! Staff of all kinds of services, companies up to safety personell, it was all taken care of. Good feeling !
Back to the planes, here the Algerian Hercules once again, taxying along the runway...
... and on the static show this Boeing 737- AEW&C
AEW&C  stands for Airborne Early Warning & Control...
This plane can handle a range of over 7000 kilometers...
.... and we are airborne with this hughe 'Looking Glass' !
Sure it does take some fuel occasional, so let's not forget about the ground crews around these peace-keepers.
... The McDonnell Douglas F-4E 2020 from 111 Filo...
...fully operational here ...
... and it will remain a 'Phantastic Phantom Phorever' as you can see here. 'Happy crew'!
...the machine is a two-seat twin engined all weather long range supersonic jet interceptor / fighter / bomber...
... no wonder this older concept is still in use !
... Once this machine was the successor of the F-86 Sabre...
... it's nickname is also the 'Mig-Killer' because during the Vietnam war it busted many Mig-17 and also Mig 21's
Turkish Airforce showed a fly-past with several types of the inventory, here these 'Phabulous Phantoms'
As fas as we know this type of aircraft is still in use in Egypt, Iran, South-Korea, some in Germany,
... and ofcourse in Turkey and Greece.
Well, back to us for a moment, as you can see Press was treated heavenly, seats, tables, laptops inside...
... al ingredients to make these days actually unforgettable. Flypast of three T-37 Cessna 'Tweet's
The Croatian show-team is starting up....
.... and the F-16's fly their part of the once held (only saturday's) fly-past of all inventory.
Bye guys, next is coming up, your 'bigger brother' the F-16D  07-1015
It's a full show, mighty view !
Author Kees Otten (left with cap),  Wim Das (m) and Koos Heemskerk (l) take a break. (Redaction/Photographers)
The 'Tweet' comes along...
Romanian IAR-99C  SOIM gives 'acte de presence' 
The Soim is a reliable trainer in the Hawk class...
Service teams, Fire Brigade and Fuel supply
Spanish demo-team Patrouille Aguila starts up in the heatwaves...
They fly the CASA 101 Aviojet
You would'nt say so, but this plane can reach a speed of 770 km/hr...
... and it has a ceiling of almost 13 kilometers altitude. Nice job !!! Let the crowd applause !
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