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Türk Hava Kuvvetleri 100 yıldönümünü kutluyor!
Days over Kees Otten does his interviews such as the magazine below.
This is the contributuion of the English languaged magazine Pilots and Planes Military
A reportage about the new started demo team...
... of the Turkish Airforce
The program is quite similar to that of the Dutch demoteam...
... and actually both teams work together on the Turkish program
... which is done spectacular. Turkish Airforce now has two demoteams, together with the F-5 Turkish Stars !
This interview with a Solo-Turk pilot will result later on in an article in the Dutch leading aviation magazine below
PILOOT EN VLIEGTUIG Netherlands also wanted to give some extra attention to Soloturk Team...
...... as you know the Dutch also do have an F-16 Demonstrator like Turkey.  'Brother to Brother !
A showteam like the Turkish Stars ofcourse needs an extended support in supplies and tharsport...
 talhere we see this Transall C-160D from 221 Filo / Turkish Stars in the national color sceme
!We present probably the worlds largest photographic overviewiof this TuAF celebration !!
We hope it will please all those who were not able to visit, or them who love aviation in general. Press takes positions
... as the Croatioan team does, meantime they took position in the air 'on hold' ...
...these 'Wings of Storm' gave a stunning show, in an eye-pampering upside-down twin-flight. 
Croatioan crew-members...
A show f what you can do with a Pilatus PC-9 !
The 'Turkish Airforce competes with the ages'event showed all around a great openness...
... and for the public it must have been an experience they will not forget easily
Beechcraft T-34A 'Mentor'
Cessna T-41D also showed up in the 'Three-Planes-Fly-Past' ...
...while the 'Air-Gunners' shoot this nice Austrian SAAB-105
The example is colored in the Nato-Tigermeet sceme
The plane comes originally from the early sixties but: Still alive and kicking.
Both Cessna types
... and we didn't present yet the 'Happy Medic' teams.
Woong Bee in action...
Bulgarian MIG-29UB Fulcrum
'Hit the air, Jack !'
From Bulgaria to Poland...
the Iskra showing out  with the PZL TS-11
... Oeps... photographing forbidden... but not today in this heat. Suppose you forget your cap or hat....
Wow, surprise, the A400M military version of the Airbus
One after the other the transport planes show up in the evening: French ET00.064 Transall C-160R
After the showday these giants showed up
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