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ARANYSAS Hungary also publishes about the 'Turkish Airforce competes with the age !
The support Hercules C-130 of The Turkish Stars Team proud on the frontpage !
Read about the unique 'showteam leaders configuration' and the 'Phabulous Phantoms Phofever' 
 On with the show: page 4, starting with a hughe one:  The KC-135-R as You like it to see...
 ... without any public, clean on the platform
 Socata TB-20 and cessna TC-37 C, both rarely seen  
  C-160D Transall 69-034 static...
 ... and rolling around to get started
  T-37C (65-12-804) where you both can sit in front of the plane...
 ... specially for training purposes a good situation
 ... and as stated before, Turkish
The cockpit is always a good situation to impress your girlfriend, or just to make a nice picture for the homefront !
Cessna T-41D Mescalero is the next plane in education after the 'Glider period'. Right: SF-260 D Siai Marchetti
 Have a future, but cherish your past ! Looking over Izmir AFB this old Starfighter...
 ... as well as these two F-5 'Freedom Fighters'
 Statue of a famous airman in front of the Izmir base
 Inside the base the temperature rose, and often people found a place in the shadow for a moment
 Absolute highlights of amongst the participants was the Pakistan Airforce !! What a sight to see them come in !
Pakistani F-16A from 11(OCU) Sqn.
 Pakistani JF-17 'Thunder' in a spectacular take-off during the showdays !
 The JF-17 is a joint-Chinese-Pakistani project , it's a multi-role light weight fighter...
 ...it's equipped with modern electronics, and can be placed in the category of French Mirage fighters
Have a good look, you won't see them flying live that easily !
Here our Slovak friends (!) we flew this type of Antonov-26 to make air-to-air pictures (elsewhere on this site)
 Nice to have a renewed welcome with this crew and their base-commander here in Izmir !
Also participating (where don't they):  Belgian Airforce F-16 MLU Fighting Falcons
 ..., and not to forget our own Royal Netherlands Airforce contribution from Leeuwarden Airforce base
Ok, ok, we can discuss who has the best color-outfit, this black-blue Belgian F-16, or the Dutch black-orange one :-)
From the F-16 over to a newer generation: The Typhoon, or Eurofighter from Italy.
Shown here the EF2000 from 311 Gruppo RSV
... and his older brither the AMX ACOL from 13 Gruppo.
Hey: 'Happy Catering !' Boy did we appreciate you being here ! Water and more water was the key to survive this heat
Here it still was quit, later on the day the hangar was filled up with hungry and thirsty people...
Another Italian participant for the transport tasks overhere at Izmir: C-27J
The Spartan C-27J is developed by Alenia Tactical  Transport Systems, here to support the Frecce Tricolore
rather rare and unexpected: A Danish Hercules, probably it was hired within Nato partners
... a few more pic's from the landing-zone position...
... ending up with this CASA CN235M-100 example that passed our lenses.
Despite of limited flying action we offer you some helicopter images:
Eurocopter AS532-AL Cougar...
... and in a closer look...
... the UH-1 'Huey' of 'iroquois', work-horse of the TuAF, and in many other Airforces
The Cougare and the Huey are mostly used for transport and humanitairian flights, but can be armed as well...
... the Coastguard bell-412EP once again...
...a tip for any other coming event would be to hoover the helicopters more in front of public...
... specially frontal and near the crowds is so much 'making nice pictures'...
... detail of hardpoints on this S-70B Blackhawk
A 'newer generation' compared to the AH-64 Apache is this AH-1-P Cobra
... and these hardpoints show that the cobra is not defenceless as well.
Few details, the tower is hidden between some trees, 'unaccessable' during the showdays, understandable !
C-21A Learjet (35-A) for support, USAFE
Contribution of the Turkish Airforce (credits)
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