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A fine overview of semonstration teams, and fly-past of teams and Turkish Airforce
100 Years of Turkish Airforce Party
A special treat for those who were spotting was the appearance of a Pakistani Ilyushin IL-78 Tanker
The Pakistan Airforce flew their fighters first to Saudi Arabia and secondly to Jordan before heading to Izmir.
        Pakistan itself watched the organizing activities closely and hopes in future to play for such an event host itself
Two Dutch F-16 pilots watch the show just like that, next and a lot of camera-types are used up to very professional
The Pakistani JF-17 use modern avionics from Western companies...
...and has a Russian made Klimov RD-93 engine, which is an upgraded RD-33 engine used in the Mig-29
Between these facts and figures, the many children were interested sometimes more in all kind of playing tools...
... they could play to their hearts content, while parents knew their kids were safe and locatable !
Still in use in a handful airforces is the NF-5, an appreaciated trainer, eventhough it takes skills for landing it.
Amongst many other teams the USAF came along with their F-16 Thunderbirds, we will enjoy them in a moment... 
... while other countries represented with a solo-plane like this Bulgarian PC-9M (And a Mig-29 by the way)
Antonov 32-B from Croatia... taxying to the head or the runway
...the support plane of the Croatian 'Wings of Storm' is taking off...
... and there she goes, the crowd's camera's click frequently
Pakistani F-16 passes by...
... we show it once more, because when do we see it ever again in such a setting...
If there were any doubts in TuAF if they could organise such a hughe show: It succeeded as you can see !!
Soloturk F-16 and Croatian PC-9M prepare for showtime...
... What must have bee a surprise for the Turkish spectators: An English Tornado GR4 !
Impressing, classic but still capable
On most EU airshows types as the Tornado and Gripen are regular visitors...
You'll see more if you follow our pages , of this Solo-Turk demonstrator
Italian Hercules supports the MB339-AM team 'Frecce Tricolore
Croatian PC-9
Let's spend some time on the demonstration-teams !
Croatian 'Winds of Storm' perform...
... Italian pilot explains about matters, flightplans, facts & figures...
... and here they are: FRECCE TRICOLORE !!
What a team to see it perform...
... specially when they use exhaust smoke intheir national colors !
The Red Arrows from the UK displayed...
There's always a spare plane standing by in case any of the display planes might have a minor failure...
... and these gusy also know about flying !
The Croatian propeller-driven team showing out...
... and here they are ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous USAF THUNDERBIRDS !
'Thunderbirds are go !!' - Sit back and enjoy...
... and enjoy...
... and enjoy...
... and enjoy the extreme speeds and various figures... 
... talking about concentration......
... finally the Bomb-Burst...
... they return on a heat-waved runway safe.
As it comes to me, I'd rather prefer a flight in a simulator in a training centre... much safer landing !
Standing on head of the runway you see a silhouet, it's a Hercules...
... another C-130 silhouet shows up..., and it appears to be a Pakistani Hercules.
... and another one, how lucky can you be when you're a spotter !
Base Commander Taşçi of Çiğli said; We want to inform the people about Turkish Air Force....
 which this Türkiye-2011 event is a very good occasion for it.
It was estimated well by press and public for showing up so massive.
Cessna Mescalero and Tweet in another setting
Sometimes as photographer you have to have patience, another day, or just luck to get the right images
Aviation is improving in popularity, besides military aviation also civil aviation is firmly developing in Turkey.
Turkey will find a way near future create more abilities in aviation festivities.
Same types again ?? Yes, but let me explain, that the so called spotters collect as much as numbers as they can find...
... and there are even those who defenitely ´need´ to have the construction numbers of each plane !
Well let me stick to making pictures, fair enough...
To host all these planes, Izmir AFB had to remove many own planes to other bases nearby.
Antonov 26 from Serbia, (we are repeating) but these kinds you don't meet so often on EU airshows 
So just enjoy the opportunity !
Come and join us to the next page which will contain the 'Turkish Stars' again !
Contribution of the Turkish Airforce (credits)
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