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Here is shown the NF-5 demonstrator from the famous 'Turkish Stars'
Also shown the Croatian team flying, Spanish, Pakistani and Bulgarian participants shown.
Page 7 on finals, that is... we dedicate some extra to Turkey & Izmir in general, to show our affection in page 8 & 9
However there's a time of coming and a time of go... even for the 'Transport workhorses' ....
T-34A Beechcraft Mentor (as on the main gate) how real nice to see such a type in use, really ! Very nice indeed
Gradually we start saying goodbye to participants in the show, such as the IAR-99 Soim from Romania...
The Polish Casa ...
.... coming from Krakow-Balice airbase
The Typhoon from Germany...
... though reporters keep on reporting, photographers keep on checking their images...
... and we have some space left for nice colored planes like this Iskry-team member (Poland)
... the SAAB-105 from Austria...
... an already living legend from Swedish aviation, jet-trainer, light fighter-bomber dating back to the sixties !
F-16D with 'some extra fuel'.....
The F-16D block 50 is built in Turkey (TAI, Turkish Aerospace Industries) near Ankara.
The characteristics of an F-16C can be seen well during it's display
A two-ship formation
In the heat of the day people seek for some shade, like these TAI employees , also our Photographer Koos Heemskerk
After the basic training a pilot can choose to be helicopter pilot, or 80 sorties on the T-38 talon to become a jet pilot
Kees Otten in interview with a Solo-Turk pilot. We dedicate an article on the Soloturk seperately in The Netherlands...
.... Soon as it has been published we'll add it to this Turkey-Special.
TURKISH STARS ONCE MORE, to let them fly in your mind and keep remembering this show !
Thank you 'Stars-Team' for your wonderful contributions to the magnificent showdays 'TuAF competes the Age' !
Pakistan F-16 landing
'Happy Firm staff' , thanks ladies you took very well care of all VIP's and press with beverages ald cold, cold water !!
Also thanks to the various demo-teams....
.... like the USAF Thunderbirds
Jordanian F-16, The Netherlands delivered some F-16 'Fighting Falcons' to Jordania
Closer to (our) home: Alpha Jets of the 'Patrouille de France'....
... here in a mass-take-off.
 We also say goodbye to the Frecce Tricolore, and the other demo-teams, see you around !
TAI displayed some UAV's like this 'Turna', It can be launched by rail-system and land by parachute afterwards
The TAI SimSek, jet powered high speed target drone
Anka UAV will be operational in the Turkish Air Force in September 2011, full operating capability in December 2012
Aselsan Asel - targeting POD (left)
In the late afternoon of the second day some Turkish Herculesses came in...for no we say goodbye to you
... the UK Tornado in the landing...
Also a goodbye to the 'Phirm Phnatoms' , hope to see you around guys 
... and then there was this special occasion in the late, later afternoon.
As a treat to the public, a formation of every demo-team was formed with from all demo teams the leader...
... flying all in one formation ! A never seen and done before construction, showing skills and brotherhood.
And this is weher we say goodbye to the Turkish Airforce Izmir Celebration 2011, ofcourse we close down with: 
The Turkish Stars demo-team
The Turkish Stars performed all over Turkey during national days in about 6-7 performances !
While worrying if first aid ability and enough playground activities for the children were meeting the expectance... 
Commander Tasci almost forgot that all organisation efforts lead to one of the best organized shows this last decade !
Aviation rush in the blood creates high feelings of contentment either with pilots or with enthusiasts on the ground.
Turkish Stars participate 2011 in four outside shows including France The Netherlands Belgium and RIAT-Fairford UK
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