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Genuinely deserved publicity for Izmir and surroundings !
  İzmir kent için gerçekten hak tanıtım ve çevresi !
Izmir. Large city, High buildings, roads, parcs and palmtrees
Brandnew roads are being constructed, along them modern gas-stations... 
.... not seldom equipped with a row of shops for the 'small everyday things' and even nice gifts
In the neighbourhood you'll find the harbour, rest a while and behold the little fishermen ships up to naval facilities...
.... or would you prefer having a good dinner in a nice restaurant on the water ?
.... along the highways you see modern flats and appartments rising...
...and yes, traffic is heavy mostly, but on the other hand you can spend time to enjoy local fishermen and restful water...
A couple of local men didn't mind helping us promote Izmir, drinking a specific Turkish tea on it !!
Once in Turkey make sure you'll vist a local market ! Great atmosphere !!
Real nice local pictures to feel the atmosphere downtown, small markets with small businessmen...yellow cabs...
Fresh fruit, nuts, dates, eggs, dried fruit, they have it all readily available
Second hand sewing machines, totally revised, or 'with minor defect'
From fruit to kebab, to carpets
Salad, garlic, water melons, bananas, it's one color party
Aubergines, onions, and yes, we tasted the peppers with dinner, this cost us some refreshments extra !!
A lot of preserved fruits and food
Don't like fish ? Shame on you, we did !
Great atmosphere, great photographic opportunities
Thought The Netherlands was the 'cheese country' , well... here they also know many brands
Ofcourse it's hard work, but when you get old, there must be time for a nice warm tea and moments of rest
Flowers... in all sorts and colors
Salesmen try to persuade you to follow them and buy from their store, and who would blame them ?
Though time for a game, it mostly is hard work for some people. The 'shoe-shine' man did his job with pleasure however
Many stalls selling trinket, juewlery, watches, rings, bracelets you name it
This girl in the street closes our view on the cosy marketplace. Thank you all, we wish you good business !
We drove around in Izmir and environments
You meet the most simple but pictureque spots along the roads, if you're open for it
Simple beauty can be in a palmtree, or a mountain
Even art can be found along the road
Or beauty in an old weathered aqueduct
Turkey builds...flats, houses, apartments, wouldn't mind at all living in such a house !
Modern wind-energy projects
Nice tourist boulevards
We were lucky to have one day free, and look around along the beaches and blue water
Paradise for sun worshipers
The coastline near Çiğli , which is situated a little above the well known town Kusadassi, but more quit overhere
Ideal for us, a restful place to make inventory, prepare articles and have nice cold drinks !
And ofcourse - Dutch as we are - fried patatoes, with... Turkish pickles
Finally to the beach, rent a sun-chair, stick your feet in the sand...
Hoist yourself in your swimsuit, the water is of great temperature.
It's just without reason, or maybe just that, but we experienced the Turkish people as extremely friendly
Just ask any tourist, if you get lost, a flat tire, everyone is keen to help you.
We ourselves got lost frankly, the police brought us right back to the frontdoor of our Hotel Antikhan !! Thanks again !
How grateful we were these guys !
The gold of the future, cold drinking water
And who would tell Turkish women are not emancipated ? This woman tries to catch the evening-fish for dinner
Izmir, town of modern Hotels...
....decorated cosy boulevards...
....a picturesque quay...
...inviting terasses for the evening...
...green between...
...old harbour impressions and state of the art buildings...
... traffic and advertising, what's new ?....
....pedestrian bridges over the highways...
Even old ruins in the middle of the city. That characterises Izmir many times.
How old would this be ?....
Izmir, from very early in the morning (baker) up till the very late hours (party) the right choice !
We had a wonderful first vist in Turkey, and we hope to report again in 2012 !
We showed you that Izmir has one of the most beautiful environments, certainly worth while a (holiday ?) visit !
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