AFGHANISTAN - 2       


Dutch Aviation Support reports

Press visit januari 2008
COMKAF Headquarters, better known as 'The last Stand' of Taliban.    (Read the article)
A 500 Pounder had to be droppped on the roof, to break the last resistance of Taliban
This 'hole' still exists as a monument, offices were built around this 'blast'.
The terrifying building 'The Silver Hangar' where many women were hanged, and shown to   
the local population. 'This is what happens if you don't obey your man !  (Read the article)
Heavy fight broke the last resistance (L) 'The last Stand is now HQ of COMKAF
Do you have to go there ? Don't worry about the food for one !
Very large 'Dining Rooms', restaurants provide you everything you need or want !
Chinese, Dutch, meat, vegetables and fruit, scrambled eggs, hamburgers....  you name it !
There is good attention for personell and informal meetings, here Dutch Commander Lorraine
Soup, Fresh, and a small snack, and informal talking to General 'In 't Veld'.
And suddenly there was Secretary of State Mr. De Vries, speaking to the men and women ! 
Left the 'Dutch Corner', and as you see the weather is not always 'fine'.....
The troopers prepare each day for their patrols, to assist the 'PRT's in the field
PRT's are the Provincial Reconstruction Teams, who rebuild Afghanistan
When returned from your daily mission you can go to the post-office, and write home.
Or just have a walk in the Camp, like these Bulgarian and Romanian guys do.
The patrol cars are always everywhere. Next to a post office there are also churches...
... and even a 'Mall', a supermarket where you can buy all kinds of things. 
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