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Press visit januari 2008
 Nightmare under very difficult circumstances.
STURDAY 12th, I face the fact that the flag is being lowered, it was the day of blue on blue.
Many men came together to hear the terrible news, that young guys were killed in action...
... gave their lives for other people's freedom. Commander Lorraine spoke his words.
Also two members of the Afghan National Army were killed this day in action.
A very sad moment. The group carries their fallen mate into a Hercules for his last flight home

Let us hope that all these young people's lives that were taken, and all others from all other nations may contribute to a better world for the Afghan people, a better world in general so afterwards all those who remain behind can say at least: 'They did not die for nothing'.  

We honour them, and keep them in our minds forever ! 
In this part we'd like to give you an impression of most of the flying material in Uruzgan
The hercules as you saw above, is used for all kind of transport purposes
The Chinook also transports all kinds of eveything
Often it's used for transporting troops to different places in Afghanistan where needed
Where Apache appears, Taliban disappears.  They'd better !!
Apache has excellent overview, for instance the incoming transport of this Antonov 
F-16 Pilot 'Richard' tells us about the F-16. Read all about it in our article
Dutch Cougars and Chinooks vary eachother in being present in Afghanistan
UAV's appeared to be very useful over the territory when information is needed
The germans participate in the relatively quite North part of Afghanistan
Civilian helicopters are also in use, as this hughe Mil MI-26 'Halo' 
USAF 'Tankbuster' A-10 'Warthog' prooves his ability once more. Right a Medevac Blackhawk 
A-10 Thunderbolt has the name to be a plane, built around it's cannon. Beware !!
24-7 for these American Medeva Blackhawks, here on the USA platform part of kandahar
What to think of these CSAR Pave-Hawks ? Heavily armed and highly trained.
Some US Army Chinooks, out in the massive open terrain, as a result of that good protected
At Kandahar Airfield many civil transporters handle their come and go logistics for ISAF
American Kiowa's... 
 ... and a view on the USAF platform. Kandahar is extended still in high tempo.  


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