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Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2010 - follow the story:

A new article for the independent leading Dutch aviation magazine 'Piloot en Vliegtuig'

COUGAR AS532U2   300 Sqn 

The Cougar is a middle light transport helicopter for cargo and troops (here armed)
Both Cougar and Chinook do it very well under hard conditions such as Afghanistan
There is now a test going on with a new toned-down grey color
Picking up catgo is quite an accurate job, the loadmaster lies on the bottom, to see it all go well 
It is practiced at Gilze Rijen, and one can see these specialists maintain their routine
Here a Cougar is on it's way, full speed and loaded with special forces...
... these guys have a special mission, to pick up a certain object. Troops are flown in very fast...
... the environment is to be secured first, any resistance is broken immediately ! 
The object is secured and safe on board, and the Cougar speeds away. 
Right: Standard version of the Cougar, left: equipped with floats in case of landing on water
Here shown again, also around the nose. A special version !
Flags decorate one of the hangars at Gilze Rijen
Gilze Rijen hangars, where it's all about helicopters today. The Heart of DHC ! 
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