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Dutch 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' reports (read our story below)


It was a well visited show, perhaps not so many 'exotic' participants as we were used to in the past
Left: Flight Commander Anthony Zammit and right: Show organiser Joe Ciliberti (white shirt)
Commander Zammit has nice stories, also about the quality of Maltese Search and Rescue, where he mentioned for a joke: 'Elvis, when you're out there we're gonna find you ! 
It's a very cosy and nice showday, and pilots and VIP's enjoy themselves during lunchtime
We also were taken care of very well, essential was the ice-cold water ! Lovely !
Oh by the way, if you ever get there, don't forget the Malta Air Museum at Ta' Qali !
Left a Bell G-47 in this museum, right a C-47 (DC-3) and many more to be admired !
Besides nice planes, you can also see many other things, like these three beautiful 'pink' ladies !
The isle of Malta is also well known by it's mostly yellow classic busses !
Ok, back to planes and show: Departing and landing aircraft, civil and military, all day long...
One of the highlights were the UK AV-8 Harriers, and this Beech... 
...  and the Tucano's were warming up in the cosy sun.
As Royal Airforce item the Eurofighter Typhoon could not be missing, and highlight it was !
A KC-135 USAFE tanker of 100 Air Refuelling Wing also attracted many spectators
The accompanying plane of the Red Arrows stuntteam was this Swedish Hercules
Showparticipants from small to big: De Havilland Twin Otter and an Italian CL-414 Firefighter...
 demonstrating for the crowds on the quay it's capability to load and 'extinguish' his water in seconds
The locals appreciated the UK Red Arrows very much, here (left) landing by arrival...
... and lined up on the static for the showdays
In superb formation these 'Red Devils' showed the public their capabilities and skills ...
... leaving the spare-plane on the platform. The Islander performed on it's own way.
Arriving late afternoon: Four English Harriers, later on shining by night in the halogen lights
What do you prefer, a fast Hawk, or the Ultra-Light certified Laferla ?
Other eye-catchers were this Diamond Twin Star and the Raf Beechcraft 350 King Air
Theme was UK Airforce, witnessing these Jet-Streams, possibly replaced bij King Airs in future
On host the Airbus 380 !

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