Slovak Airforce 2008 - II 

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We were abled to fly the MI-17 Hip, and the MI-24 Hind !
View from the Hip, which is equipped with a large extra fuel tank
It's a very nice view to see this helicopter fly as well over the yellow colza fields 
It's an older concept machine indeed, but still very reliable and usefull !
Part of our team joined a routine patrol flight over villages and fields in the Hip...
... and the other part flew the Hind, accompanied by a second Hind
The Hip has landed at Presov runway, and is taken care of for checks and refuelling 
After it has been parked, the crew was so nice to pose for the camera. Thanks guys !


We must admit that the flying Mig-29 Fulcrums were provided by Slovak Airforce...
... as you can see Slovakia is worth visiting also for the environments, beautiful country !
Fulcum and Albatros brother to brother. Thanks Rudolf for this fine picture !
Sliac has it's own simulators, they're static ones but so many kinds of situations can be established
Different types of planes can be chosen, a wide varity of circumstances or even failures generated
The radome shows the environment where you fly in true flightangles (Mig-29)
.... some other details of the simulator screens
Left the Albatros L-39 simulator. Right the special SAR helicopter at Sliac
Cockpit and interior of it. Read our article about it.
Paradehorse in fighterworld: The Fulcrum in the new color sceme
Left the new sceme, right the old one.
Fulcrums on patrol, interception, all situations are practiced
After landing the break-chute is used...
... and thrown off. The machine will be prepared immediately for a new possible scramble
The chute is collected, folded and removed from the taxiway. Right a cockpit view of Mig-29
An impression of the L-39 trainer in 'Biele Albatrossy' colors
They don't fly as demo team anymore.
Kees Otten inteviews. The sigh says about: 'Pass here and get shot !'  
L-39's in both color scemes on the flightline at Sliac
A last view at Slovakia and the plane in it's national colors. Thanks to all !!
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