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Piloot en Vliegtuig october 2008 - Peter de Wael, Public Relations Officer Belgium
Next year TLP will move to Spain - so still enjoy these images from Belgium !
Below this article we'll give you a small photographic impression of a few participants...
... such as the hughe Turkish Phantom, and the mighty Spanish Hornet 
A Falcon 20 Spanish support plane, and a USAFE Eagle from Lakenheath.
The Florennes platform always is filled up well, because the TLP is very popular...
... as a trainingscourse for many airforces. Like UK (Harrier) and France (Mirage-2000)
Also Germany mostly is represented with their different Tornado types
This is what you can see on the main Florennes Platform after the flights ...
... or during flights Mirage 2000N and the still respected Etendard.
Brother to brother French Mirages depart, as well as a Belgian F-16B Mlu
A view on the secundary platform where Belgian F-16's are lined up for action.
After the flights the planes return to the main platform (French Mirage and Turkish Phantom)
Italy was present with their F-16's and the AMX is also still doing very well 
Nice to see them roll downhill the taxiway to their parking places
Ofcourse the Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon was a highlight to see in action
Over the year many others participate, as this ALCA from the Czech Republic
A last view on the line-up, in the late afternoon. Refuelling and locking up the planes.
Nice new features are to be seen when paying attention like this Flight Recorder Pod...
... or this Belgian 'Sniper-pod' which can see at 20 km (!) what brand of shoes you wear !!
A last view on our hosts, our PR-officer and the Florennes Base Commander...
... The AWACS from Geilenkirchen runs in for the night...
... Spanish and Czech crews don't mind posing for our camera's....
... as the Italians and Turks do. Thank you all, and may we meet in Spain in future !
Special thanks to the Belgian Airforce for your hospitality !
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Special thanks to Peter de Wael for having and helping us.    
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