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Dutch Aviation MEDIA  2010

A new article for the independent leading Spanish aviation magazine 'FUERZA AEREA'


Some 6000 people were offered sunny starts and landings of jets and helicopters
Tigermeet 2009: About 65 aircraft, 250 aircrew and 19 nations...
... all welcomed by the new base commander of 'Kleine Brogel' 
The winner: The 45+06 above, the 'Eye of the Tiger' !
But the less painted jets didn't have less fun for that fact, no sir ! 
There was a daily paper called 'NTM' , Nato Tiger Meet with all figures and facts
The Commander stated the 'TM' an unqualified succes, every operational goal was reached  
The Commanding officer of one of the squadrons is current chairman of NTM...
... he stated: Everything is based on the principle 'train as you fight and fight as you train'.
Special thanks to Lt.Col-Ret Metternich for making available this picture for us and readers !
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Platform view
It's very important to keep in mind that air warfare changed a lot through the years...
... new threats are to be recognized and countered successfully nowadays. 
Every country participates with various different contributions like this Spanish Dassault F-1 
Next to pilots also ground-crews enjoy such a large event like this, many days from home.
All skills will be adressed, routines within a large operation.
It's very valuable to share these (different) routines with fellow pilots of other countries...
... since opponents can be the Su-35, or terrorists using human shields (read Afghanistan special)
Several of the participants are active in and above Afghanistan bringing their experience with them.
The F-16 ofcourse is one of the main contributors in Afghanistan to protect the people.
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