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A new article for the independent leading Spanish aviation magazine 'FUERZA AEREA'
No secrets, no problem to display: The UAV, Unmanned Airial Vehicle Tigerspy in the sky. 
Last checks before flight...
... while the ground-crews are confident they did their job well.
Mobile control tower on the fiels alon the runway. Ready for any calamity.
The pilots enjoy every minute, and are aware of press watching. Though the greetings are sincere
Nice views from the tower where C.O. 'Poeske'gave his interview
A Dutch tail (or tale ?...) from Volkel F-16 base.
As esthetic competitor to the JSF , this design wins at all frontlines !!
This IS a Tiger, the Northrop F-5 of the Swiss demo-team 'Patrouille Suisse'.


Well, after two weeks duty mother calls at home so it's time to start the return flights
The Hungarian Antonov-26 is made ready for the way back home.
Souvenirs and dirty underwear should be brought back. The transport division enters Kee Bee.
The Jordan Herc was near due to a show of the Jordanian Falcons...
... Press privilege, location and result.
The last day the transport teams keep on coming in, one after one.
Sometimes of the own fleet or squadron, sometimes hired of leased.
They all get a place to stay for the last night, which will mean ofcourse a small party !
View at helicopter platform, where the Mil Hinds (former) Eastern bloc warmachines are parked.  
An aspect to remember, this reunification means peace in Europe instead of cold war.
The military forces become more and more a helping organisation next to peace keeping.
For the Dutch a well known piece of aviation history: Fokker ! 
While the Swiss come in to collect their part... 
... the French fighters say goodbye in their own way with  a fly-past.
Read all about it...the awards, the trophy's...
... and the Gala Night !
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