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Antikhan hotel is located in downtown Izmir
It is a medium class hotel but also very well known for his friendly staff !
You can eat here well and tasty and the food is of good quality
The staff is extremely friendly and helpful !
Certainly applies here: Nice Boss, Happy Staff !
The breakfast is extensive and of good quality, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese
Quality does not always have to be expensive ...
A clean quit and pleasant courtyard
A small bar with cool drinks
Simple but good rooms, clean beds are here to secure a good night sleep !
We were once told: 'Never eat in the Hotel that you sleep !  Let this be your exeption !
Dinner was so good that we eat here every evening, nice meat from the inhouse grill
It was tasty, with salads, patatoes, fruit and a nice cold drinks.
The grill in the courtyard
It's a good 'coming home'after a hard-days work
Nice sphere in the evening - All fresh food
A little chat after a busy day
Antikhan hotel, recommended for budget hotel guests, valet parking, fine quality, happy staff, value for money!
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At this point we leave you here, we hope to be back in Turkey in 2012 !
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Biz burada bırakacağım, Biz ziyaret için gelecek yıl Türk deniz kuvvetleri ve ordu umut 2012 !
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June 2011

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