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Dutch Aviation Support Article

  A new article for the independent leading Hungarian magazine 'Aranysas
      also for the independent leading Dutch magazine 'Piloot en Vliegtuig'     
   also for the independent leading Italian magazine 'Aeronautica & Difesa 
CAE is now also known by the Hungarian aviation enthousiasts
The Dutch 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' magazine also published this remarquable article
CAE is one of the leading companies as it comes to 'Eye in the Sky'!  
The company is situated at Luxembourg Airfield
In the very near future there will be a complete new undercome for this company
Aeronautica & Difesa published and introduced CAE Luxembourg in Italy
Extremely clear images from our 'spies in the skies !
Read all about it in our article, about seeing without being seen
One of the planes we are to meet in this story is the Cessna Grand Caravan C-208B
What 'Q' is in James Bond, these specialists are for CAE, all adjustments take place in own running
All kind of equipment can be mounted for any kind of special operation in their own planes
Many times therefor adjustments on fuselage or other parts have to be made to accomplish that
A view on the maintainance hall, and outside a class of paratroopers just have been graduated !
Also flying  is the Swearingen SW-3A Merlin III, here at Malta Luqa for a fuel stop
This crew of the Britten Norman T-2 Turbo Islander may not to be recognised for the camera
Some equipment (MX 20) can be retrackted, something less striking from time to time.....
From heights of 3 to 4 kilometer without any noise any object can be investigated and pictured
Like illegal refugees, or a terrorists camp. We see you, you don't see us.... !
A certain ship in a certain harbour is to be investigated and/or followed: Just call CAE for the job
Left you see 'just a ship' , right you see with heat-detecting sensors there are men under the deck !
Here for instance a train on a station that just arrived (heat) or the impact of a GBU bomb
To transport troops the Short Skyvans SC-7 and Casa's 212-300 (1 Maritime) are in use
Troops mounting the Skyvan (L) and faces are not to be recognized for their own safety
 Special forces can be dropped any time, anywhere, by day and night
The Britten Norman Turbo Islander is a very useful type of aircraft for CAE
CAE's Casa C-212-300. Even an own 'little known' airfield is in use for training by CAE in France 
CAE is a discreet company, no 'James Bond' stories here, but solely skilled professionals !
They do their jobs silently, as an 'Eye in the Sky', what has to be done has to be done. 
Thanks 'Luc' for all your time and efforts !
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