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The 'Swiss Dream'...  takes some money but it does give you something !
Read the story and enjoy the images, of this Living Legend, a real plane !
The pride of the SCFA: Super Constellation 'Connie' 
When you admire this plane, you admire every detail of it ! Old fashioned flying !!
4 Wright Cyclone R3350-DA 3 turbo compound 18 cylinder radial engines of 3353 Pk of 2500 kW each !
Over 35 meters long, this giant is ! And what a sight ! What a luck to be there and report about it !
 Specially when it is parked in Switzerland, it's home ! This is Stans Buochs, in front of the Pilatus factory
When we say: 'This is a real plane' we mean 'a real plane'. Look at the space you have !!
Old fashioned equipment is mounted, and there is even thought of two sleeping places for the pilots....
... that is on long flights, when the collegues fly the plane ofcourse ;-))
Such nice details on the inside...    and a cool logo on the outside ! 
And off she goes, lift off from the runway at Stans...
... listen to the characteristic sound of the engines !!
Stretch your legs and relax ! And a big hello to Sandy Siegenthaler from SCFA
Sandy provided the following images of Royal flying over Switzerland, over mountains and fields... 
... The crew checking all kind of matters
It's quite a cosy office, 1st and 2nd pilot, and the flight engineer
It's not only checking systems, but also operate them in cooperation with the Captain
Oeps... (sorry) Some digital equipment after all.... 
But the fact remains that flying 'Connie' the old-fashioned way is a dream come true !
We take a leave now from Connie and it's enthousiastic volontairs, keep up the good work people !!
Thank you Sandy for your time, efforts and explainations ! 
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