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Special thanks to Koos Heemskerk for his support and time !
DHC - DUTCH HELICOPTER COMMAND 2010 - A complete overview !
Do scroll below, and read all about it in our extended article - Exclusive interview !
The story opens with a commando raid at Malden, small town of Holland.....
..... where data had to be secured out of a crashed UAV.
We show you all inns and outs of this new Helicopter organisation...
....which is located at Gilze-Rijen Airbase in the Netherlands.
All helicoptertypes, transport, attack, SAR, VIP, Navy, MAOT, maintainance all of it ! 
Every story implicates visits, these were very special to us ! Special thanks to all !!



APACHE AH-64D - 301 Sqn

When you join an exercise, it sometimes delivers very nice poictures, like autumn colors here
A row of 'Redskins' AH-64D helicopters at Gilze Rijen Airbase
Gilze Rijen is the home of the DHC, Defense Helicopter Command for The Netherlands
Every picture of this war machine is impressing !
A little hop over the tree-top, and there it is ! Taliban disappears where the Apache appears !
 After flights all kind of checks are made, and also collegues are instructed.
The Apache is maintained small outside... and thoroughly inside by certain programs.
Not only being pilot is a boys dream, for technicians this place is the walhalla !
All separate parts are checked on metal-fatigue, the engines are so well inspected
That goes for all kinds of pods and armament as well such as the eye-controlled gun !
Left: Free fantasy of the Redskins in the Apache hangar at Gilze Rijen
For every task there are teams, also like for refuelling the machines properly
For the missions in Uruzgan the squadrons cooperate very tight in exercising
Here the AH-64 sneaks away between trees, in Afghanistan it's not only desert you meet.
This unity is essential for work and also typical for the RNLAF personell, if it comes to flying...
... or refuelling, maintaining, catering or cleaning. One Team One Mission !!


It's neccessary to be able to refill with turning rotors as quickly as possibe...
... specially for Afghanistan conditions. We joined  exercise 'Hot Refill' ... 
... which gave such a nice view on the Apaches on the paltform before departing.
After the flights and required checks the machines are parked in their hangars again. 
Here a view with 'NVG'Night vision goggles on a quala (farm) in Afghanistan
Another NVG sight on the desert of a Taliban convoy, not just making a cosy walk..... 
 The sign at the entrance of Gilze Rijen, and an own interpretation of the Redskins logo......

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