Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2012

October 2nd, Kleine Brogel Afb Belgium, we're about to find out what Green Blade, Pegasus and EDA stand for
Green Blade, the 'aviation' exercise and 'Pegasus' , the special forces exercise are combined.
The article is a must to read and understand, but let me introduce you the participants:
The Italian Chinook helicopter, for transports of equipment and personell
The Chinook lands here at Sanicole Airfield, due to horrible weatherconditions at kleine Brogel AFB
The gunner in position, and special forces with equipment ready for any action (dropping)
After landing the machinegun is de-mounted
Commando's with full equipment train in 'Pegasus'
Inspection by VIP's and a view in the large 'belly' of the Chinook.
Pegasus ran from sept. 18th to oct. 5th. 15 helicopters and around 550 personell  participated in Green Blade
Major participant was Italy, with transport and attack helicopters
The A129 Mangusta is the newer generation after the Apache, and very, very capable.....
Mostly they seem to come from nowhere and clear and secure the area in no time
Need we say more how ?
The political will to cooperate among member states has become a necessity and has never been stronger than today
This means that Europe can deliver 'defence a la carte' from any participating country whenever needed
Acting very fast and flexible, and that needs trainingprograms te be executed
Not only fighters but also other aspects such as medevac, here with the Belgian A109 
NSlowly we work our way to the exercise, here another view on the improvised helo-base Sanicole
Quite impressing to be so near the action !
These are the 'Pegasus' guys, special forces to be deployed in our today terrorists combat
They have so many possibilities and skills th handle all situations possible, look at this camouflage !
NA moment of relative rest here on the airfield.....
.... but that can change any moment in the air, on land or over water......
..... and ofcourse under water when diving out of a helicopter.....
.....and minutes later boarding an enemy ship for instance.
Take any situation in mind, these guys are trained to handel it, and eliminate dangers and even persons.
Germany also participated with their UH-1H 'Huey's' 
NA team of commando's ready to be transported to their destination: A terrorists location !
Off you go, give 'm hell boys !
The Mangusta's accompany the trooper transports to clear the area on the spot
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