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aA new article for the independent leading Hungarian aviation magazine 'Aranysas'
The eye on several types of planes and helicopters
The stage in 2008:
Fighters, trainers, transporters, helicopters and more


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Lets start with Let L-410... the VIP and the military variant in their colorscemes
Reliable, fast, multi purpose, a fine lightweight transporter
Today we'll make pictures of the Let L-410 behind the Antonov-26 'Curl'
We are strapped in thoroughly, making pictures out of the open hatch, from airfield and more
We fly over picturesque views, and the Let slowly gets within our reach
It approaches in respectable distance, and flies just behind our An-26
Left: The An-26, open hatch, and narrow doors to avoid us fall out of the plane. R: Let's cockpit
The An-26 returns, we survived ;-) , and the crew poses for our magazines.
Read about this: An attack bag for victims, the medic just steps out of the Antonov in flight !!
Read how this works, and how the bag and parachute are used. Right: Low pass An-26
Some logo's finally of Malacky Transport base


Now we get to some images of the MI-24 Hind attack helicopter 
It's fast, reliable, and if neccessary: very deadly !!
But here shown in a more friendly implementation...
... flying patrols over the Slovakia highlands and villages
However we were shown the weaponry, pods for firing all kinds of granades...
... and very accurate machine guns with multi-barrels...
... and several types of granade launchers.
A few views in both cockpit units...
... the Hind's seats in case of transporting people. Almost as comfortable as at home ?.....
We proceed our flight over yellow fields and blue waters...
... with this last air-to-air shot very close Hind 'tête-à-tête'.   
We gratefully thank Slovak Airforce for this opportunity. Let's proceed with part 2 :
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