Dutch Aviation MEDIA BV 2010

A very brief contribution to Cer Senin Romania 
We offer you our article and photographic impression below:
The group 'Vulcan to the Sky did a great job:  The Come Back of an Icon !
Look at this cockpit and flying beauty... it's for real again !
Alive and kicking at RIAT Fairford 2009...
... and also flying in many other places, as in Holland - Volkel AB
She's called the 'Flying Shadow' 
Here another (non flying) example at Waddington Airbase
Very good to be seen from the road in front of it.
Again the XH558 in full action at RIAT
As you observe these flying images...
... and imagine a little sunshine...
... you'll understand why it's called the Flying Shadow !
Read all about it in our article below...
...about the tremendous job that so many people worked on... 
... to get this machine flying again. Let's hope a long life this plane may last !
The proud crew that flew the 'Flying Shadow' over Volkel Airbase The Netherlands !
iRead our story about it below
Special thanks to Hennie 'eyes'Otten, Marco de Bruin en Wim Vis for cooperating with us !
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