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Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2014 Exclusive publication

The Apache helicopter, attack or defense, leathal anyway ! 
Hercules transportplanes, able to act fast. Land, drop and depart in minutes 
Almost every inhabitant is able to defend its country even if it is with an automatic rifle only...
.... or by sophisticated helicopter. 
Transporting heavy artillery. But we didn't discuss yet a major important tool for Israel. 


In fact when you see this picture you understand what the 'Iron Dome' is about
So many missiles have been fired at Israel that the state needed an effective defense against it  
The system is meant to protect civilians agains missile attacks from for instance the Gaza-strip.
Israel is the manufacturer itself, by means of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.
These units are operational from 2011 and can be named succesful
About 90% of the missiles launched from Palestinian territory were captured and destroyed halfways
The system's radar. An even more advanced system is in development, called David's Sling.


The press-part was taking place at OVDA Airbase in the south of Israel near Eilat
To get to the base we had to travel a long distance through a yellow-brown desert: The Negev !
Long roads, from Tel Aviv to almost Eilat, because we could not fly at Ovda because of the exercise
An impression of our trip along miles and miles of desert: 
Beware of camels in the neighbourhood ! 
After the interview moments we were brought to the platform to witness the departing planes....
....several F-16's started and came back rolling off the hill to the platform again
This was quite unique after all, you're in Israel, allowed to make pictures and ask around.....
Blue Flag exercise in Israel, organized for the first time in the desert out of all places as a major large international exercise
Who needs time to concider such an opportunity to visit.
Blue Flag is not related to any recent developments, neither Iran, nor any other countries.
'Red Flag' exercise that takes place in Nevada / Alaska every year by the USAFstood at the cradle of Blue Flag 
Nice example of an F-15 called Ra'am in Israel. Here in  desert camouflage  (source internet)
The people in the tower observe closely every move
Participating in the flying part was Italy, who took part amongst others with the AMX for recce


Short impression: One of the tasks was to detect (and 'eliminate') terrorist cells / small encampments in the desert
Purely by chance and not expected we found some small units in the desert which can be seen as such and probably
served as such. Here off course it concerned small trainingcamps of the Israeli themselves, nice examples anyway.
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