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'Piloot en Vliegtuig' reports about the phasing out of the Eurocopter Cougar
What nobody expected, happened suddenly. Confronted with budget problems defence cuts were inevitable
 It resulted in the withdrawal of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) Cougar force.
Do join us please in a short photographic impression: RNLAF Cougar force.
The RNLAF acquired 17 Eurocopter AS-532U2 Cougar II helicopters in early 1996
The Cougar could carry armament such as a FN MAG 7.62 gun (both sides) manned by loadmaster and extra gunner.
The Cougar was included in the Defence Helicopter Commando (DHC).
The Cougar is capable of transporting 20 passengers or 16 fully armed soldiers
Initially the Cougar flew from Soesterberg AB with 300 Sqn but moved to Gilze Rijen Air Base on 8 September 2008
The Cougar even had it's own streetname sign
A few badges of the DHC at Gilze Rijen
It wasn't only men that could fly the 'heavy load carrier' also female pilots have to say goodbye...
. When on mission with the brigade the Cougars are accompanied by Apache combat helicopters for protection
The Cougar was an ideal platform for fire fighting. Not only on local territory but also foreign countries asked for help.
So with pain in the heart of the Cougar pilots, crews, maintainance and all others: Goodbye Cougar !
 only a few press was present at the official 'Goodbye Cougar' event, because it was no festive occasion......
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