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TopguN Romania reports about this mega-multi purpose rotor- & fixed wing superbase ! 
Royal Navy Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose has the magic to those who are attracted to naval aviation
TopguN Romania dedicates this article to this 'Superbase'
In the following two pages we show you as usual a photographic impression whta we find here...
...such as various types of Harriers
Culdrose is one of Europe’s largest naval air bases with over hundred active helicopters and fixed wing aircraft
These are organised in no less than ten squadrons and several other units
Here we have a look in their own maintainance / storage hangars
RNAS Culdrose forms together with RNAS Yeovilton the core element on the ground for the Fleet Air Arm
More than enough hands to get this harrier on it's parkingplace
From here embarking on the naval ships is organised
A Special unit at Culdrose Naval Air Station is the Fleet Requirements and Air Direction Unit (FRADU)
FRADU is operated by contractor Serco Defence and Aerospace with Hawks on lease to the Royal Navy from the RAF
The lease is about 14 Bae Hawk T1 advanced jet trainer aircraft
Don't mind to say that these hawks are very sturdy, standing like this on the platform
One of the tasks is to train crews of Royal Navy vessels in air defence by performing fake attacks.
They do it well, and they also had their 100 years celebration a few years ago !
The Fleet Air Arm’s Observer students are being trained in fixed wing aircraft
The Jetstream T. MK-2 was the 'Flying Classroom for years for these pilots
With their motto ‘Teach and Strike’ they learn all ins and outs from observing and sharpening their sense perception.....
..... to be prepared for a job with responsibilities.
A view in the cockpit of this  of this proven concept
Inside the plane there is old but reliable equipment, but the days of these consoles are being counted !
Here a bunch of Jetstreams depart from RIAT Fairford 's annual show
So far about the fixed wing ensemble...  let's visit the rotorbladed aircraft
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