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3 parts in 1 !     1      3 parts in 1 !
This overview overlaps in fact three separate items. Two major exercises held in Europe recently, FRISIAN FLAG  
initiated in The Netherlands and EART (European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training) over Europe.
As third item the function of 'BOOMER' is a central point in these exercises. We also inform you about this aspect.
These pages we'll show you:
- Frisian Flag fighters and some details
- EART impressions
- The BOOMER, only 10 of this jobs in The Netherlands !

       1: FRISIAN FLAG      

The written article is available on the bottom of the last page of this overview
First we show you the six pages results of our article in the leading Italian magazine Aeronautica & Difesa 

Below we give you some photographic impressions of the FRISIAN FLAG exercise partI

Belgian F-16
Belgian F-16
Danish F-16
Belgian F-16
Exept 'Red's against 'Blues' recce and airspace control the fighters also had to find and 'eliminate' ground targets
Finnish F-18 'Hornet'
Finnish F-18 'Hornet'
Finnish F-18 Hornet once more
Dutch F-16 at homebase of the Frisian Flag exercise 'Leeuwarden'
 Dutch F-16 fighters in the hold for air-air refuelling by a KDC-10 (foggy weather unfortunately) (
Some Dutch F-16's once again
A German Eurofighter
rSpecially for the Spanish magazine 'Combat Forces' some extra Spanish Typhoon Eurofighters
These 'Sunny ones' were all standing here at Leeuwarden platform
'The Wild Bunch' ;-)
Cobham was also present for its specialty: Disturbing communication !
German and Spanish 'Detco's' Ohlemacher and Leal. (Detachements Commanders)
Fake ground targets to 'fool' the enemy like this were also to be 'eliminated'.

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