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For this once we'll give a low-res overview of the entire Fire Blade 2017 pictures
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Photographic impressions, a 'Thank You !' to our hosts


Lt. Col. Endre Darcozi gives interview and explanes about the coming seperate exercises
  Special Forces are flown in the 'terrorist' area, fast and effective in a few waves, coming from out of the lower terrain valley 
'Ringing the Bell's !!
Special forces all have their assignment and know exactly what to do. Right: A wounded soldier is being safeguarded by his unit. 
Positions are taken and secured, and a wounded soldier was brought to a more safe spot in the terrain
More and more men are flown in and other helicopters take positions and overview the situation
A fight took place where terrorists tried to escape by car, another 'man down'....   
Taking care of casualties after heavy firing
At the same time, from the moment on the vehicle in the field was stopped, the terrorists really drove a tank into the scenario !
This tank had to be stopped. A JTAC in the field will lead the Hungarian Gripen to it's target to eliminate the tank. (animation for impression) 
In the reality of the exercise the crew made it alive. They're doing well now happily ever after as we were informed......  ;-)))
If the fighter had shot the tank for real it would not have left any chance, and been blown to pieces totally after the 'Gripen treatment', like below:
(animation for impression) 
Austrian Blackhawk circles around at safe distance to observe the battle area, and some extra Special Forces arrive
After the tank was eliminated two terrorists are captured alive and secured to be taken away and put in custody 
A Slovenian Bell arrives to fly the terrorists out of the danger zone to be imprisoned 
All actions are carried out in seconds and minutes in a very accurate way 
Situation cleared, terrorists flown out and troops start to return to base for 'the work behind' and finally the briefings
Some helicopters keep on circling around, during action and withdrawel of the troops. You never know what might happen after all
Some helicopters keep overview at safe distance, able to be of help immediately if requested  
Varpalota range here below, where it was all happening
Commander was flown in by this Hungarian 'Squirrel
Some VIP's come and go for each his own reason, checking, debriefing, overlooking the situations and actions.....  
So far Varpalota range ! 


Also by evening and night it must be possible to perform actions
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